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I do not remember my first drawing or the day when my artistic skill became apparent, just as no one can recall their first word or when they learned to read. Art came naturally to me; but when the time came to choose a subject at university, I switched off my heart and chose with my head. I chose architecture because my parents were architects and this is what I had been encouraged to study, and the artists I was surrounded by were very poor.

After studying for 4 years, my circumstances changed and I was no longer able to attend. I continued working in architecture, progressing to become a senior architect and studying my master’s degree in the evenings.

Despite everything seeming perfect something was missing, I had come to a crossroads in my life and needed to make an important decision:

continue with my successful career or to risk everything to become the person I wanted to be. Ignoring my fears and resisting my family’s influence, I quit my job and social life and moved back to my hometown.

happy, I realized that I can paint for myself and that I want to do art for the rest of my life no matter what. After two years of training, I traveled to another village to paint “en plein air”.

When I returned I was ready to start my own path. The most important lesson I learned during this time was being honest and open when expressing myself on canvas; to paint with my soul.


My Goal

I would like to support scientific transhuman projects trying to find a cure for deadly diseases and extend healthspan by organizing exhibitions and attracting capital through them. I want to positively impact society such as raising awareness about science achievements in radical life extension with my art and art of other artists.

Work Experience

09/2012 – present         Independent artist

06/2005 – 12/2010              Architect, Moscow


10-12/2019 Post War Abstract Painting at MoMA

07/2011 – 08/2012  Painting classes taught by Jurgen Nickel, a member of the Russian Union of Artists & the International Union of German Culture                                        

09/2005 – 06/2011   Moscow Architectural Institute

indie ru


06/2019     Art & Design group exhibition ” Ü20”, Munich, Germany


04/2019     Solo exhibition, Hotel Sahrai, Fez, Morocco


05/2017     Group exhibition, Moscow Foundation of Culture, Moscow, Russia


02/2017     Solo exhibition “Contrasts”, Museum of Modern Art, Yaroslavl, Russia


11/2015     1st place at XVIII International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts “RUSSIAN ART WEEK”, Artplay, Moscow, Russia


04/2015     2nd place at XVII International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts “RUSSIAN ART WEEK”, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia


11/2013     Solo exhibition and performance art “The Last Touch”, Art Space  “Terra artis”   Yaroslavl, Russia


05/2013     Solo exhibition “Terre di mezzo”, Art Space “Bohème”, Bollate (Milan), Italy